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The Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung (RLS)

The Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung (RLS) is one of the major institutions of political education in Germany. It considers itself as part of the intellectual grassroots movement of democratic socialism.

The RLS emerged from the association “Verein für Gesellschaftsanalyse e.V.” (Social Analysis and Political Education) founded in 1990. It evolved into an institution of political education acting throughout all of Germany. The Stiftung serves as a forum for debate and critical thinking about political alternatives, as well as a research center for progressive social development.

The work of the RLS in Israel focuses on strengthening democratic elements of civil society. It promotes alternative education based on the principles of democracy, social justice, absence of violence and peaceful regional and international cooperation. The Stiftung acts jointly with project partners in Israel since 2002. The Stiftung’s Tel Aviv office opened in 2009.

News and Updates

17/08/2014 15:09
The RLS Office in Tel Aviv offers internships to students who are interested in Israel and Middle East politics and in activities of the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung. From December...
04/08/2014 16:17
Our latest Newsletter is a contextualization on the recent war on Gaza and the developments leading up to it, written by Uri Weltmann.Uri Weltmann serves on the Executive Board of ...
15/07/2014 10:45
  Dear friends,   After reflection and discussion we have realized that in the current situation, our event "Bon Voyage? Israeli restrictions on Palestinian movement a...
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